If you need to find out information on someone one of the best ways is to conduct a social security number background check. You can only do this if you have the permission of the person you ant to investigate, they must sign a piece of paper giving you that permission.

Doing a social security number background check will give you the most detailed of reports because everyone has their own nine digit number that follows them throughout their lives.

Some of the things you will find out about the person you are investigating are:

Driving and vehicle records
Criminal records
Education records
Aliases, or other names used like a maiden name
Court and legal records
Property ownership
Previous addresses
Military and discharge records
Previous employers
Incarceration records
Sex offender registries
Citizenship status
Contact information

All you have to do once you have permission and access to their nine digit number is find an online service you trust to give you accurate information. Type in the social security number of the person you wish to run a check on. You should get results almost immediately.

Most, if not all, of the information listed above is in the public domain and is accessible to anyone who cares to look. Just as long as you go through the right channels, that is. Do not go around infringing on someone’s civil rights on a whim, get their permission first.

If you should need to do a more in depth search, like a national database search, due to the nature of your business, it may cost a bit more but you will find out a lot more about the individual.

You may find out they lived in some other state and were frequently in trouble with the law. Although, some things may get missed due to delays in getting the individuals name and circumstances into the system and you could possibly hire someone with a significant record and get yourself and your company into a world of hurt.

You must also be aware of privacy protection laws. For example, most medical records can not be accessed for a background check due to the HIPPA law. In the case of medical records you must respect the individuals privacy.

Additionally, you can not use the information you find out as a way to wean out the bad apples who apply to your company. Discrimination is against the law and has been for a while.

Also, any information you dig up that is older than seven years cannot influence your hiring decision. This is because employment background searches can only go back through the last seven years of the applicants records. Anything beyond that is a mute point.

Social Security number background check inquiries are done through E-Verify. Developed by the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration, E-verifys main purpose is for previous employment verification, especially for confirming or denying all of the information applicants fill in on job applications.